ILA (Israel Lands Authority) to Invest in Jerusalem Forest - 2020

Date created 04.01.2019 23:01:42
ILA (Israel Lands Authority) to Invest in Jerusalem Forest - 2020

The Israel Lands Authority (ILA) will allocate over 100 Million NIS during 2020 for environmental preservation and open spaces projects throughout Israel, including Jerusalem.
In Jerusalem, the ILA will invest 1.275 M NIS in restoration of the Jerusalem Forest, including handicapped accessibility, planting, and restoration of rare plant species.

This, and other similar projects throughout the Jerusalem region, are essential, in order to preserve nature both inside and outside the city.  Also, Israel makes an effort to enable access to its limited natural areas.  The preservation of plants near extinction, as well as providing people with access to these areas, who due to handicaps did not have access, is an important social program to increase the quality of life for everyone.

These areas maintain the health of the city, since the trees help to clean the air of pollutants.  The aesthetic aspects of the views is also important for the quality of life for the city as a whole.


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